E:KIDZ exists to lead children and their families to experience life to its fullest, connect into meaningful relationships, and make a lasting impact.

We Love Kids!

At Element, We strive to create an atmosphere for your child where they can connect into meaningful relationships with peers and leaders while learning about Jesus!

We have a fun, age appropriate atmosphere packed with songs, games and creative teaching targeted for each age from infants through 6th grade.

Rooted in biblical truth, we teach the Wonder Ink curriculum.

A Child’s Foundation begins with:

  • Curiosity: multi-sensory object lessons, STEM experiment, and group activity that sparks curiosity, exploration, & gets kids thinking about the wonder of God.
  • Belief: kids are guided through scripture and get to know God more deeply by exploring His Big Story, and marveling at His wonder.
  • Faith: leaders engage kids in intentional conversations that help them see the wonder of God’s Story and develop in their own faith.
  • Identity: we use intentional activities that usher kids into worship and instill these core truths: I am known by God, I am loved by Jesus, I am led by the Holy Spirit, and my life can tell of God’s wonder.
E:KIDZ Core Values
E:KIDZ Core Values

Fun: Church should be a place where children want to be.
Faith: God is calling children to know, love, and serve him.
Family: The family is foundational in a child’s spiritual growth.
Fruit: The Holy Spirit fills and empowers child believers.

A Place To Call Home

If this is your first time at Element, we want you to feel welcome from the moment you pull into the parking lot. We have a team of volunteers who can’t wait to meet you at the door and guide you through the registration process, give you a tour of our Children’s ministry and provide you with an overview of our safety procedures.

Want to save some time? Pre-Register your family below to get ready for this weekend!

Our Environments


Birth-18 Months
We know that leaving your baby can be scary, and that is why we have a team of wonderful loving volunteers in our Basecamp room who will give care & love through stories, prayer, play, and even nap time At anytime your child needs you, we will page you right away.


18 Months - 2 1/2 Years Old
These guys are busy! Our Explorers room is an active place where kids are introduced to Jesus through imaginative play, creative crafts, engaging Bible stories, delightful worship, and of course yummy snacks.


2 1/2 years old - Kindergarten
Our Adventures and Pathfinders rooms provide interactive relational time, worship through movement, engaging crafts and activities that engage their senses, & hands-on learning of Bible stories & Jesus-centered truths.


1st - 4th Grade
Kids experience so many things during this time in their lives. Our Summit room engages kids in Jesus-centered activities, games, worship, and small group time where leaders help them explore the Bible, prayer, and what it means to follow Jesus daily.


5th & 6th Grade
No longer a kid but not quite a teen, this time can be a difficult time of transition and questioning. The Cabin offers a safe place for kids to ask questions and find Biblical truths while learning to develop lifelong spiritual disciplines.

Child Safety is our #1 Priority

To ensure the safety of every child in the ministry, every child is given a name tag with a unique code and any allergies or special needs. The unique code matches the parent tag to ensure that every child is released to the right person.

Every volunteer who has contact with a child has been vetted and background checked to ensure that they are a safe person to be around your child. Many of our volunteers are public safety professionals and there are volunteers with medical training on every service.

Volunteers are regularly trained on safety and evacuation procedures by our child safe team who monitor each service. Once service begins, all children are secured behind our ministry doors, which remain closed until the end of service.

Every Child Welcome

We believe that every child is wonderfully made. So we will strive to INCLUDE, INCORPORATE, and INTEGRATE every child into the classroom, no matter what. 

If your child has a special need that will help them to feel included and safe in our children’s ministry, please contact our Children’s Ministry team and we will do everything we can so that your child has a place to call home.

1 on 1 Buddy System
Sensory Items
Special Seating
Auditory Protection
Special Snacks

Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children. – Matthew 19:14


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour of our children’s ministry, please contact, Ashley Tomas